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MyCompany Toolbox (MCT) provides both a CRM solution (Contact Management Tool) and a suite of Strategic Planning software tools to manage product support and service. MyCompany Toolbox was developed to meet the growing demand for Small and Mid-size Businesses (SMBs) such as yours. SMBs are businesses defined as any company from a one (1) employee up to a company with 999 employees, generating up to $100 Million/year.

The MyCompany Toolbox suite of tools are available on the internet to create "Your Company's Toolbox". For a fraction of the costs, your business can start to enjoy the same productivity and efficiency gains as the best run businesses in the world.

Technical Toolboxes Canada, Ltd. (TTC)

At TTC, the processes we have established for our work are based on a methodology that consistently produces successful results. In every project, our goal is clear: help you identify your needs and the needs of your customers, and then create a solution that not only meets those requirements, but exceeds them in ways that you might not have considered. We use the tools and products we develop.

TTC's mission is to develop Business Automation software that enhances customers' profitability and cash flow through on-line, real-time management of key processes including sales, project management, invoicing and marketing. .

A guiding principle for TTC products and service is that customers must be able to realize tangible benefits in their business processes, asset management, financial management, and customer service.

We are located in Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas and invite everyone to stop by our offices, for contact details click here

For more information on TTC, click here.

Essential Everyday Tools

Fundamental to every business is the management, privacy and security of your business contacts. Thus, the fundamental "Tool" of every "Toolbox" is our Contact Management Tool™ [CMT] designed specifically to meet your daily contact needs. The CMT is a simple, easy to use web-based application that allows you and anyone in your company to securely access critical contact information much like the most popular desk top applications such as Goldmine®, ACT™, Outlook®, etc. The CMT also includes sales force automation tools (SFA) to manage a personal sales portfolio and an entire sales department pipeline.

MyCompany CRM™ Toolbox:

  1. Contact Management Tool™ [CMT]
  2. Teamwork Management Tool™ [TMT]

MyCompany Toolbox will provide you with a link via the Internet to allow you to access "Your Company's" Toolbox. With highly secure User Name & Password protection, any member of your company as well as anyone you wish to provide access, can instantly, from anywhere in the world access "Your Company's" Toolbox.

Our Tools are integrated with Skype and allow the user to save telecommunications expenses and to conveniently communicate with business colleagues, suppliers, friends, and family. This product uses the Skype API but is not endorsed or certified by Skype.

Concerns and Challenges

A newly designed suite of performance enhanced software tools all of which are web based fully automated that address such concerns and challenges Small to Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) have in today’s market:

  1. Current ERP platforms that are too costly
  2. No one vendor can provide all applications
  3. Complex systems integration
  4. Heavy upfront costs associated with licensing fees

SMBs are in a global competitive market today with over 77 Million SMBs. Worldwide productivity and efficiency is critical to survival and technology is the key to successful growth.

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