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Return On Investment
Features Increases Productivity Reduces Expenses Increases Revenue  
Contact Management  
  1. Provides multiple access entries to direct marketing to customers and potential customers.
  2. Ensures accurate customer information.
  3. Direct access to customer history.
  4. Increased sales with after sales service.

  1. Automatically and consistently produce reports for budgeting and accounting management to keep the company on track with goals and objectives.
  2. Keeps all the sales, marketing, and financial people in the company up-to-date.
  3. By streamlining the financial reporting the accounting costs are reduced.

Sales Team Management  
  1. Accurately calculations based on a per job, or salesperson basis to better manage cash flow.
  2. Report functionality to review and compare performance between salespeople, revenue and profit.

Opportunity Tracker
  1. Increase efficiency by getting the entire sales team on the same page.
  2. Introduce the ability to project revenue and budget for future marketing efforts.
  3. Prioritize efforts so sales team is focusing on highest potential sales.

Case Support Management
  1. Organize your support program to professionally serve your customers.
  2. Reduce re-work by communicating progress in a searchable database.
  3. Proven service guarantees maximum service contact revenue.

Education Management System
  1. Organize your training programs to give students and trainers the ability to collaborate.
  2. Provide all documentation online and add the ability to remotely conference using Skype™ to save communication costs.
  3. Proven high quality training programs are known to sell.
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