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Overview | Features
The Teamwork Management Tool [TMT]? is a web based application that enables your company to create teams that each share a set of files online. Teams can consist of company employees, outside participants, a combination of both or only yourself to store important documentation. Team Members stay up-to-date with access to all critical notices, view the entire team's directory and have real-time access to all project documentation.

An easy-to-use interface provides managers with simplicity and efficiency in managing programs/projects, support cases, and training classes.

Several Features of the TMT? are:

  • No Hardware. No software. No maintenance.
  • Document Sharing
  • Document Storage and Security
  • Document Version Control
  • Task Management
  • Bulletins
  • Real-time Access
  • Skype™ Integrated - FREE VOIP
  • For more information, please visit our Features page
  • New Education and Training Management
  • Highly Functional case Support System
    Example uses from some of our clients:
    Enterprise Support
    1. Product support and maintenance is managed using the Case Support Management Tool.
    2. Customers and support staff alike can work together to resolve support cases.
    Education and Training Management
    1. The system is used to service Enterprise training programs by giving you the ability to set up classroom teams, online documentation libraries, and class evaluations.
    Joint Ventures
    1. Several clients are involved in projects that require participation from various companies around the globe, each sharing multiple sets of files.
    Internal Documentation
    1. Developer's Intranet - One location for developers to post useful files and information to share.
    2. Human Resources Documentation - a central location for standard employee documentation, hand-outs, forms, etc.
    Loan Negotiating
    1. A client was dealing with multiple banks and each were after the same information regarding company financials. Instead of emailing the same set of files numerous times, a TMT? was set up containing all of the applicable files, and each of the banks representatives were invited into the system to retrieve the documentation securely and easily.
    Customer Relations
    1. Various clients distribute reports to their customers, of which are large file sizes, and contain sensitive material. The TMT allows them to distribute them securely, without the concern of email size restrictions, by granting them restricted access to their TMT?.
    Interested in customizing TMT to show off your company image? Contact us today to find out how.
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